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AQUASOM® Diver - for Diver recall and instruction

This solution is designed for the reproduction of voice, music and other sounds in pools, lakes or the open ocean.
The AQUASOM® portable system is ideal for diver instruction and safety in swimming pools or the open ocean. Applications include scuba instruction, diver recall/communication in poor visibility or when work is spread over a larger area.

This solution can be placed into a compact carrying case with the amplifier receiving power (12V) from batteries, the on-board ship supply, or an external power supply. A single underwater speaker can cover a large area of the ocean with a level that is safe for divers, typical ranges up-to 500 meters.

Technical Details

- 60 watt amplifier with PTT microphone
-- Auxiliary Input for CD or other
-- microphone input for connecting optional wireless headset mic
-- 12V operation
-- 2 year ltd. warranty on mixer/amplifier

- Underwater Speaker in protective cage with 7 meters underwater cable
-- 200Hz-20kHz system response
-- 60% U/W speaker efficiency (at 1kHz)
-- 180dB/uPa/m SPL @ 1kHz
-- 5 year ltd. warranty on underwater speaker