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The AQUASOM® solution is available for a wide range of applications. These can be adapted to customer specifications or needs. The AQUASOM® integrated in-wall solution is recommended for installation in swimming pools. The underwater speaker is placed inside a niche with cables running in-wall to connect to the amplifier. For some applications a portable solution of AQUASOM® is offered. This one is easy to install - just plug some cables together.

Private swimming pools

Enjoy your favourite underwater music in the privacy of your swimming pool.

Hotels and Resorts

The AQUASOM® in-wall solution is the perfect way to add to your activities and present your clients with a new experience while diving and swimming. Allow your clients to listen to music while they dive and relax in the swimming pool. Organize water sound festivals and other underwater activities with sound.

SPAs and Therapy

Underwater music is relaxing and can be used for a wide range of therapeutical areas inside the water.

Public Swimming Pools and Sport Centers

This system is ideal for synchronized swimming and other water sports, such as hydrogymnastics. Instructors and students can playback their selection of music directly from a portable player.

Dive schools and Open Ocean applications - Click Here for more information.

The AQUASOM® portable system is ideal for diver instruction and safety in swimming pools or in open ocean. Applications include diver recall/communication in poor visibility or when work is spread over a larger area. This solution can be placed into a compact carrying case with amplifier and a battery-pack for power-supply. Also the onboard power supply can be used, or another adequate external power supply. A single underwater speaker can cover a large area of the ocean with a safe sound level.

Cetacean instruction and communication

Cetaceans communicate through sound. It is possible to use this system for dolphin intruction and in the study on their communication.